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A full range of services. So your board can govern more successfully.

Every board has its own mission. Its own strengths. Its own weaknesses. Its own issues.

Likewise, every board member has his or her own experiences that are brought to the table. Their unique set of values. Their different ideas of how things should be done.

The Governance Group not only recognizes the differences that are likely to exist on a board, we celebrate the diversity and utilize it to the board’s advantage…something that’s become a hallmark of Vince Battistelli’s work with boards and chief executives for 25 years.

The areas that our services encompass are:

Assessing Board Performance

Providing your board with an objective, professional assessment of its strengths, weaknesses, knowledge and practice gaps, governing infrastructure, and relationship with its Chief Executive. The assessment is accompanied by recommendations and strategies for action.

Advice and Guidance on Governance Issues and Best Practices

Access for Boards, Board Chairs and Chief Executives to advice and coaching from our team on governance issues and best practices, board Chief Executive Relationship, and issues related to director performance.

Design and Facilitation of Strategic and Operational Planning

Design and facilitation of strategic and operational planning processes based on consultation with the Board Chair and Chief Executive or a Board Planning Committee. Facilitation of stakeholder input to the strategic planning process. Consultation and guidance to the Chief Executive on the development of operational plans.

Chief Executive Performance Evaluation

Design the process and provide the tools for the board to conduct the Performance Evaluation of the Chief Executive or at the request of the Board, conduct the performance Evaluation.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Services in this category include:
  • Designing & facilitating staff & board retreats
  • Chairing or facilitating difficult meetings and facilitating stakeholder in-put sessions

Types of Meeting and Retreat Projects We Facilitate:
  • Facilitate or chair difficult board or stakeholder meetings. Also facilitate meetings where results must be achieved in the time allocated to the meeting
  • Design and facilitate board &/or staff planning, team building and retreat sessions
  • Design and conduct stakeholder surveys, interviews, consultation and in-put sessions
  • Design and facilitate consensus-building processes for projects involving multiple stakeholders
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